Attendance April-June

Remote Learning  participation every day is an important part of being a successful student.

To Report your student's absence, please send us a message, or call our Attendance Hotline: 425-936-2461. Please leave: Your student's full name, date(s) absent, reason for the absence and your name. We are not tracking Late Arrivals at this time.

Report an absence

School attendance has always been important. Research has shown a correlation between student attendance and student graduation.

Our students gain more than just knowledge when they participate in learning alongside their peers in rich and challenging environments; they gain the support and development that comes with being in community with peers. 

This year, learning in a remote environment, it is important to know that attendance is just as important as ever.

Our schools are expected to take attendance every day. Following are the ways in which our schools account for student attendance on synchronous and asynchronous learning days:

In-Person or Synchronous Instruction Days:
On days where in-person or synchronous instruction is happening, teachers will take Remote attendance based on who is participating in their Classroom Teams meeting. Students can show that they are present by turning their cameras on or indicating that they are there in the chat feature. Teachers will take in-person attendance using roll call. In-person students attending remotely will still be marked as absent. We do this because in case of an emergency, we know they are accounted for.

Asynchronous Instruction Days:
On days where learning is asynchronous such as Wednesdays, students can demonstrate that they have attended by logging into their Classroom Teams and participating in the learning activities that their teacher has designed. It is important to note that while asynchronous work can be completed on different days, students are still expected to log in to Classroom Teams (or other platform as directed by their teacher) on Wednesday to show evidence of participation for that day. 

Reporting an Absence:
If your child is unable to attend school in person or on either a synchronous or asynchronous day, please contact the school to report the absence. Each school has an “Attendance Line” phone number or email address for families to use to report the absence as excused. You can reach our school at 425-936-2461 or