Make it a great year! Come for a visit.

Mrs. Stelling, 6th Grade

Mrs. Nelson, 7th Grade

Mrs. MacDonald, 8th Grade

Mrs. Pizarro, Registrar

Please contact Mrs. Pizarro to make an appointment with your child's counselor.

Counseling hours: 7:00 am - 2:30 pm

Where to find us

You can get to the counseling office two ways. We are right next to the yellow pod or you can go to the main office and we are upstairs.

Please contact your student's counselor by email or phone to set up a meeting during a time that will work for you, your student and the counselor.  It is extremely difficult for counselors to hold drop-in meetings before or after school.  Our counselors work hard to communicate in a timely fashion and have limited time within the work day to respond to parent emails and phone calls.  If you contact a counselor by email or phone, please know that it may take up to two business days for a response.

Reasons to see your Counselor

Reasons you would come see your counselor:

  • need someone to talk to about school, family or friends
  • questions about your schedule
  • need help in your classes or improving your grades
  • general questions

If you want to see your counselor, come during lunch, before school, afterschool or during Pride Time. We might ask to see you by sending a pink slip to your classroom.

You are NEVER in trouble when you are called down to the counseling office :)

Tips for success in middle school

  1. Write your homework in your planner every day, and look at your planner when you get home.
  2. Have a set time and place to do homework and stick to it.
  3. If you are having trouble with your homework, be a problem solver! Here are some suggestions:
    • make an appointment with your teacher
    • get a Pride Time pass to go see your teacher
    • ask a friend in class to help you
    • ask your parents / guardians for help
    • check Haiku
    • send an email to your teacher
    • talk with your counselor
    • don’t give up
  4. Check your grades in Skyward. Make sure all of your work is entered. If you got a bad grade, review point 3 above and be a problem solver.
  5. Breathe! There will be times that you feel stressed. It’s normal. We all feel stressed at times. Just Breathe!
  6. The best way to make friends in middle school is to join a club or sport. Get involved!
  7. Be kind to yourself and to others.
  8. You can get good grades if you do these two things: attend school every day and do your homework. Attendance really matters in middle school.