Attending school every day and being on time is an important part of being a successful student.

To Report your student's absence or late arrival, please send us a message, or call our Attendance Hotline: 425-936-2461. Please leave: Your student's full name, date(s) absent, reason for the absence, expected arrival time if late, and your name.

Report an absence or late arrival

Absence from school

All absences must be verified by a parent or guardian. Parents should call 425-936-2461 or email within 24 hours to verify an absence. The student may also bring a note to the Office upon return to school. Notes must include the student's full name, date(s) absent, reason for absence and the signature of a parent or guardian.

Late Arrival

If your student arrives late to school, they must check in at the Office for an admit slip. They must bring a note with student's full name, date, reason for lateness, and the signature of a parent/guardian for the tardy to be excused. Reminder that: oversleeping, missing the bus, traffic, parent's fault, etc., are not considered excused.

Early Dismissal

If your student needs to leave school early, they must bring a note that includes their full name, the date, time and reason for the early dismissal and the phone number and signature of a parent or guardian. The student must take this note to the Office before school. The student must sign out in the Office before leaving the building. If the student returns to school, they must check in at the Office. They will be given a pass back to class. Students are not permitted to leave school grounds at any time without permission from the Office.

Excused Absences

The school will determine whether an absence or tardy is excused. Excused absences (based on Washington State Compulsory School Attendance and Admission Law, RCW 28A.225, also called the "Becca Bill" and LWSD Policy) include the following:

  • Illness
  • medical appointments
  • family emergency
  • religious holiday
  • school-related field trips
  • suspensions
  • pre-arranged absences

If sufficient reason for an absence is not provided, the absence will be considered unexcused.

Unexcused Absences / Becca Bill

Any absence that has not been deemed excused by the school will remain unexcused. Examples would include:

  • oversleeping
  • missed bus
  • traffic
  • homework
  • shopping
  • babysitting
  • planned trips not pre-arranged through the office
  • other absences that could be planned outside the school day

As mandated by the Washington State Law, the "Becca Bill" states that students who accumulate seven absences in 30 days or 10 absences in a school year may be referred to the King County Juvenile Court System. The Court may impose sanctions on the student and/or the parent or guardian.


It is important that students are in class, ready to learn when class begins. Students who are late to class will receive a lunch detention. Chronic offenders will be referred to an administrator.

Students are required to remain on campus and attend each class daily unless properly excused. Students must be in attendance at least three periods on the day of a school activity/event, i.e.: athletic game, dance, school play, field trip, music concert, etc. in order to participate in or attend that event.

Excessive Absences or Tardies (includes Excused Absences)

Because regular attendance is both an expectation and a critical component of school success, parents or guardians of students who exceed four (4) absences in a semester will be sent a letter of concern. Parents or guardians of students who exceed (10) absences will be required to meet with the Associate Principal or the Principal, and contact will be made with the LWSD Becca Coordinator for referral. Unexcused tardiness to school will result in the assignment of detention.

Make-up Work

After being tardy or absent from a class, THE STUDENT must take responsibility to ask her/his teachers what work has been missed. We strongly encourage you to ask your student to look for assignments in their classes' PowerSchool pages. If assignments are not available in PowerSchool, and if the student is absent more than three consecutive days, the parent or guardian can call the Office to request assignments and arrange pick-up. 24 hour notice is needed to fill homework requests.

Pre-arranged absences

In the event of a family need or emergency that will require a student to miss 3 days of more of school, the student must complete the Extended Absence Form, that is available in the main office. To pre-arrange class work, the student must notify teachers at least one week in advance. Teachers will do what they can to provide work ahead of time, but please note that your student may be required to complete missing work upon his/her return.