New Student Registration

Steps to Register New Students

1. Determine your neighborhood school

Students must register at their "home" or neighborhood school, according to the attendance boundaries. Go to school and bus finder for information on what your “home” schools are, including elementary, middle school and high school, based on your address. If you need assistance determining which school your student will attend, please contact the Lake Washington School District transportation department at 425-936-1120.

2. Establish Residency

Unless a student is attending the Lake Washington School District on an Interdistrict Transfer or does not have a legal residence, residency in the Lake Washington School District must be established prior to enrolling a student.

Residency is defined as the physical location of the student’s principal abode e.g., the home, house, apartment, etc. where the student spends the majority of their time. This is generally defined as where the student spends the night a minimum of four nights out of the week.

Owning or renting a house or renting an apartment in the District does not establish residency – the student and parent/guardian must physically live within the District.  The following locations do not constitute places of residence: secondary homes or other property (whether rented, leased or owned); places of business apart from primary residences; or addresses designated only for receipt of mail. There is no provision for families who live outside of the Lake Washington School District to claim residency in the District because they have made arrangements for their child to live with another family member or friend who lives in the District.


  • Students who live in a foster home, officially established group home to which they have been legally assigned, residential treatment center, or juvenile detention, are considered to be residents of the attendance area in which the foster home, group home, or other such facility is located.
  • Students under the joint custody of separated or divorced parent(s) or guardian(s) are considered to be residents of the attendance area in which the student actually resides with a parent or guardian, subject to residence verification and the provisions of a parenting plan or divorce decree if applicable.
  • Students 18 years of age or older not living under the care and custody of parent/guardian, or legally emancipated minor students, are considered to be residents of the attendance area in which they reside, subject to comparable address verification required of parent(s) or guardian(s) for non-emancipated minor students.
  • Students who are homeless are assigned pursuant to the requirements of federal law.

Residency Checklist
 To verify residency, parents/guardians must provide two of the items listed below (each bullet counts as one item). All addresses on the documents must match the address of your residence. You will need to present original documents.

  • Government Mail (e.g. vehicle registration, Good to Go! bill, letter from Social Security, immigration, unemployment, DMV, USPS Change of Address confirmation letter, or election ballot. Correspondence from the Lake Washington School District does not qualify as Government Correspondence.
  • Mortgage Statement or Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Declaration or Property Tax Statement.
  • Unexpired Lease/Rental Agreement that includes the contact information of the lessor/landlord.
  • Utility bill dated within the last 2 months. Accepted utilities include water, sewer, gas, electricity, or garbage (the mailing and service address must be the residence address). Cable, internet and phone bills are not accepted.
  • Driver's Licenses are not accepted as Residency Verification documents.

If you are part of the Washington State Address Confidentiality Program, an official letter from the Address Confidentiality Program stating the attendance area school fulfills the requirement to establish residency in the Lake Washington School District. You must submit a renewed letter to the school each year.

Additional Verification of guardianship and/or residency may be required.

3. Documents to bring

Registration must be done in person, by a parent or legal guardian. No exceptions.

We require the following documents to register:

  • Proof of child's birth date, such as a birth certificate or passport
  • Proof of residency, as described in step 2. Please bring original residency documents.
  • Records of Immunizations — students must meet state immunization requirements. Bring proof of immunization from your family physician or a local health department. The parent or guardian then transfers this information to a certificate of immunization and signs the certificate to verify its accuracy.
  • Emergency contact information — bring information such as the student's birth date, address and home phone, mother and father's employer and work phone numbers, name and phone number of emergency contacts other than parent/guardian (ideally this person or people will live near the student), student's doctor's name and phone number, names of any medications student takes and any medical condition student may have.
  • Previous school information — If a student is transferring from another school, it is helpful if the parent brings the name, address and phone number of the previous school.
  • Academic History (if available) — Students transferring from another school should bring academic records. The school may also ask if the student has been in any special programs in their previous school such as English Language Learner, special reading program, etc.

Schools enroll students based on age. For example, according to Washington State's uniform entry age, a child must be eleven years of age as of midnight, August 31, of the year of entry to be entitled to enter sixth grade. If a parent wishes to enroll the student in a grade other than what corresponds to the child's age, documentation from the child's previous school must be provided.

4. Forms to complete

5. Submit your registration paperwork

  • Registration must be done in person, by a parent or legal guardian. No exceptions.
  • Our office hours for student registration are 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Rose Hill Middle School is a closed campus. For safety reasons, we do not allow visitors to tour the premises on their own. We offer limited campus visits hosted by our Counselors most Fridays, 9:00-10:00 AM. Schedule a campus visit.


Registration Forms

Course Selection Forms

2019-2020 Course Selection Forms

Use these forms when registering your child for the School Year 2019-2020.

Please fill out the appropriate form for the grade your child will be entering:

Find course descriptions and requirements in our Course Catalog.

2020-2021 Course Selection Forms

Enrollment for the School Year 2020-2021 will start on Monday, January 6, 2020.

Contact Us

Contact Information

  • Registration hours: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • New Family Campus Tours: Most Fridays at 9:00 am RSVP
  • School Phone number: 425.936.2460
  • Counseling Fax number: 425.385.3934

Our Staff

Please contact your student's counselor by email or phone to set up a meeting during a time that will work for you, your student and the counselor. It is extremely difficult for counselors to hold drop-in conferences before or after school unless you have an appointment.

Counselors work hard to communicate in a timely fashion and have limited time within their work day to respond to parent emails and phone calls. If you contact a counselor by email or phone, please know that it may take up to two business days for a response. Our counselors' first priority is always students. We appreciate your patience.

Our School

Rose Hill Middle School is a closed campus. For safety reasons, all school visitors must be escorted. Our Counselors host New Family Campus Tours most Fridays during the school year at 9:00 am RSVP.


Is your student ...

New to the Lake Washington School District?

Please visit the New Student Registration Tab.

Returning to the district from private school, home schooling, another district, etc?

If your student attended a Lake Washington School in the past, withdrew to attend a private school, a public school out of the district or to receive home instruction, is now living in our attendance area and wishing to enroll in Rose Hill Middle School, please follow the instructions for New Student Registration.

Out of our attendance area, but looking to attend Rose Hill Middle School?

Students who live in the district

Rose Hill Middle School is currently CLOSED to In-District Transfers. For more information about in-district transfers, please see

In-district variance options

Students who live outside the district

Rose Hill Middle School is currently CLOSED to transfers from out of district, also known as Choice Transfers. For more information on transfers between districts, please see

Between district transfers information

Currently attending another LWSD school, and moving to the Rose Hill Middle School attendance area?

  • If you wish that your child keeps attending their current school, contact their Registrar and ask if the school will consider accepting an in-district variance. Please refer to the Closed Schools List to determine whether your child's school is open to variances.
  • Before you can enroll your child at Rose Hill Middle School, you will need to submit to your student's current school a signed Residency Verification Form, along with required documents.


Useful Links

Leaving RHMS

Leaving RHMS

  • Please notify our Registrar at least three days in advance of your child's last day of school. The notification must be done by the parent/guardian.
  • Please provide the name/address/phone number of your child's new school.


  • If you will be needing copies of your child's records, we ask that you please give us 48 hours advance notification.
  • Records must be requested by the parent/ legal guardian.
  • Records can be picked up personally, or mailed (U.S. addresses only). We do not send records via email, and we do not send records with your student, unless you give us previous authorization.