2021-2022 ASB Advisor – Ms. ELSTON –


  • ASB, or Associated Student Body is the student government at RHMS 
  • ASB Representatives take part in important and ongoing conversations about student life at our school. They are responsible for making decisions for the betterment of all students
  • Representatives have the important job of listening to and communicating the needs of students at RHMS. You are the voice for our students!
  • Representatives are responsible for following the Pride Way and setting a good example to other students at our school
  • There are four student representatives at each grade level


  • Must be an ASB member for the year 2021-2022
  • Must maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Candidate must have no outstanding suspensions or violations of Student Handbook regulations
  • Committed to attending an AM meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from  7 am- 8 am to discuss school business with the other ASB Representatives
  • Candidates will first be selected via a primary (teacher evaluations and candidate interviews) and then move on to a populous vote (student body) 
  • All campaign materials must be completed by the deadlines outlined this Spring.

1.    Candidate Application Form:

  • Completed online via Microsoft Forms, due by January 21, 2022
  • Please follow the link below to complete the Application Form **Please note, only one Form can be completed per applicant. Make sure you have fully completed the Form before submitting**

6th Grade ASB Class Representative Form 2021-22

2.    Teacher Evaluation Form:

  • Each candidate in their Application Form will provide Ms. Elston the name of a current teacher who will give a recommendation.
  • Ms. Elston will email a Microsoft Teacher Evaluation Form to the teacher on your behalf.
  • Recommendations need to be completed online via Microsoft Forms, by Friday, January 28st at midnight.

3.    Candidate Interview

  • You will participate in an interview with Ms. Elston and the ASB President to determine your candidacy fitness. Interviews will take approximately 10 minutes. 
  • Interviews will be conducted in the Leadership Room 306, after and before school.
  • Interviews will be conducted during the week of January 24-28.

4.     Election Speech:  

  • Your election speech will be your primary means of communicating your candidacy to the RHMS student body. Your speech should seek to address: 

a.    Why you are running for ASB Student Representative
b.    Why you are the best candidate for the position

  • Your speech must follow all election guidelines, indicated on the candidate application form and ASB Representative Code of Conduct. **Speeches which do not follow election guidelines may result in disqualification from the election**
  • Film yourself reading your speech. You may use your student computer or another video recording device. 
  • Speech videos may be no more than 2 minutes in length
  • Send the RAW, UNEDITED footage to Ms. Elston via email.
  • Submit your video no later than Wednesday, January 28 at 3:00pm

5.     Voting:  

  • Voting ballots will be distributed via Microsoft Forms on Wednesday, Feb 2 after watching the candidates' speeches during Advisory in the announcements.
  • You are allowed to vote in the election. The FOUR candidates with the highest votes will be elected to ASB.
  • Election results will be announced via ASB announcements on Wednesday, February 9. All candidates will be informed of the results via email before an announcement is made to the school.  

Candidates should regularly check their school email for updates on all election-related matters. Questions can always be directed to Ms. Elston (RHMS ASB Advisor) at

Please note:  Missing the deadlines outlined below will disqualify you from the ASB election.  Please email Ms. Elston if you have any questions along the way!

Friday 1/21 Application Form Due by 3:00pm
Friday 1/28 Election Video Speech Due by 3:00pm. Teacher Recommendation Form Due by 3:00pm
Week of 1/24-1/28  Interviews ConductedYou will receive an invitation via email with your interview time slot
Week of 11/16 Voting! Speech video shown during Advisory on Wednesday 2/2 with voting taking place directly after