Activities & Clubs

ASB, or Associated Student Body, helps fund all athletics, clubs, and supplements the music department. Listed below is what RHMS has to offer our student community!

A+ Production Club

Meets on Tuesdays after school in Mrs. Walter’s room. Students will create sketch comedy videos.

ASB Student Leadership

Students interested in leadership have the ability to apply for an ASB Officer or ASB Class Representative position. Every eligible student who runs for office in the spring-time is given the opportunity to participate in leadership. A few responsibilities of ASB students include but are not limited to: voting on ASB funds, plan assemblies & dances, and run care drives. Students will develop leadership skills and earn valuable community service during their experience with the RHMS ASB team! For more information regarding ASB, please contact ASB Advisor, Martina Voet at

Bridge Club

Meets on Mondays after school on the stage. Just show up and play bridge.

City of Redmond Wednesday After Hours Club

This club provides an onsite after school program created specifically to meet the needs of RHMS students on Wednesdays from 1:00 - 3:00 pm. The club is staffed by the City of Redmond employees, volunteers and other members of the community. Homework help/tutoring is available from 1:00-2:00 pm. Some activities could include: CT Workshops, outdoor games, cooking, crafts, break-dancing, or Aikido Kids, just to name a few! For more information contact or (425) 556-2358.

Creative Writing and Art Club

Meets on Tuesday and Friday after school. Students will work on creative projects both as teams and independently. Ask Ms. Ackerman for more information.

Crochet/Knitting Club

Meets during C Lunch. Ask Mrs. Chauhan for more information.

Drama Club

Students’ auditioned in November and will put on a production of Mulan in March 2019. Sponsored by Rose Hill Middle School PTSA.

Gay-Straight Alliance

Meets on Mondays after school and is a space for LGBTQIA students and their allies to support each other and raise awareness of issues facing the queer and trans community. In a middle school context, GSA serves as a place for students to work through the coming out process or learn how to support a friend or loved one who has come out. Ask Ms. Ackerman for more information.

Magic Club

Meets on Friday after school. Students play fun magic games and meet new people. Ask Mr. Sarra for more information.

Math Club

The Math club typically meets every Tuesday from 2:30 - 4:00 pm. Students share treats, solve math puzzles, and play math games. The Math club also participates in two competitions: Math Counts in February and the district Math Olympiad in April. For more information please contact Mrs. McFarland at

Muffin Morning Writing Workshop for 6th graders

Meets every Wednesday before school. Ask Mrs. Walter for more information.

National Honor Society

The Honor Society is a national organization dedicated to develop and encourage scholarship, citizenship, service, leadership, and character. In order to belong this organization, students in our school need to have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and attend scheduled meetings during the school day. Activities planned by members include the ever-popular Boo Gram sales, Holiday Gram sale, and the traditional year-end field trip. The Gram sales help provide the necessary funds for the year-end trip as well as helping out charitable organizations. For more information regarding Honor Society, please contact Honor Society Advisor Laura McFarland at

Multicultural Club

Meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month after school. The goal is to increase awareness and understanding of world cultures within the student body at Rose Hill Middle School. Talk to Ms. MacDonald in the counseling office or Ms. Savio in PE if you are interested

LEGO/Robotics Club

Meets every Monday after school from 2:30-3:30 p.m. to work on LEGO and robotics projects.
Student projects incorporate science, math, and a whole lot of fun! Talk to Mr. Ewert if you are interested.

WEB Leaders Peer Mentoring Program

Rose Hill provides each sixth grader with a WEB Leader chosen from the eighth grade classes. The RHMS WEB Leaders program helps sixth graders make a successful and enjoyable transition to the middle school world. WEB Leaders receive special training and then meet monthly with their small group of sixth graders, beginning right on their first day of school! Topics discussed in monthly meetings include: what to expect at RHMS, how to set and keep academic goals, treating others with respect; and more! For more information contact

WTI Washington Teen Institute

WTI is a prevention and modeling program at Rose Hill Middle School. The primary purpose is to lead by example. The main focus is in the area of drug abstinence. We accomplish this by hosting meetings where students learn about drugs and how to cope with peer pressure. We sponsor school wide assemblies to spread drug awareness. WTI has sponsored events in the past such as dances, fairs, walks, lunch time information sessions, signing drug free pledges and visiting elementary feeder schools to make presentations.WTI goes on field trips creating a safe, pressure free environment for students to have fun and interact. WTI has been to whirlyball, skating, (ice & wheels), Sounders games, Traxx Cart Racing, Family Fun Center, Ski High, The Puyallup Fair and Wild Waves.Mr. Thornley is the advisor.


This Club is an introduction to creating and designing the school yearbook. Along with photography and journalism, students will develop the concepts and techniques to effectively use the elements of design to aid in the completion of the book. For more information contact Mr. Charouhas