Quarantine Reading List

The Quarantine Book List

Here we are, all of us in our homes, away from school, with maybe a little more “free time” than we are used to! What better time to curl up with a good book that you get to read just for fun, or explore a topic you’ve been curious about. Either way, you are keeping your brain active and making the most of this “home” time. You can also mark off more of those Gobbling Up Great Books circles - most of these books will meet one of those categories!

Ms. Buoy, Mrs. MacRae and Mrs. Wishart put together this collection of reading recommendations, sorted into categories to help you find what you are looking for. Some of these are gathered as a result of hearing what you are reading and enjoying.

How can you get these books? Here are some ideas: have your parents put out a Facebook request to borrow the title, visit a bookstore, order for your Kindle, use the KCLS e-book database, etc. Happy Reading!

Note: An asterisk (*) following a book title means the book is part of a series

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