Homework Policy

  • Any late work must be turned in no later than the first Monday after it was due.
  • IEP, 504, ELL are provided the additional accommodation of an additional 4 days added to the final due date. Students who are required to have accommodations provided will be allowed to turn in assignments on Friday, following the final deadline of Monday
  • Skyward will be up to date by the end of day on Friday each week (missing assignments marked- for students and parents to see when viewing Skyward)
  • Grading scale of late work is up to teacher discretion - at least 50% of total possible if the assignment is complete and has met expectations to at least a passing grade- assignment will be handed back to the student if not.
  • Students who have an excused absence or suspension are given 2 days for every 1 day they are out to make up missing work as a result of the absence.