In this page you will find answers to the most common questions we receive from our families.

What do I need to do if I need to pick up my student early?

If you need to pick up your student during the school day for an early dismissal, please call the school office a minimum of 15-20 minutes before you arrive (earlier is even better)! This will give the office staff time to have your student waiting for you in the office when you arrive. If you prefer to have your student meet you in front of the building instead of in the office, please make this request when you call. Your student may head out there after signing out in the office.

You may also let us know by email, with 24 hours advance notice.

Report an early release

What time do students get out on early release Wednesdays?

Students are dismissed at 1:00 pm.

Do I need to call and let the school know if my student is going to be absent?

Yes! If we don’t hear from a parent/guardian that a student is going to be absent, the absence will automatically be marked as unexcused. Parents can call the attendance line at 425-936-2461 and leave a message, email attendance or call the school office at 425-936-2460. When leaving a message, please state your name, your relationship to the student and the reason for the absence.

Report an Absence or Tardy

How can I get a message to my student while at school?

Should you need to get a message to your student during school hours, please call our main line (425-936-2460) and we will do our best to get the message to your student. Our school policy states that student cell phones must be turned off between the hours of 7:55 am and 2:30 pm so please help your student be successful by not communicating with them via their cell phone during the school day. Cell phones may be turned back on after 2:30 pm.

If my student has a problem with his/her school issued laptop, who should I contact?

If your student is having a problem with his/her laptop, your student should take the computer down to the library during Pride Time. Most days we have a district technology technician on site during that time who can take a look at it. Middle School is a great time for kids to practice the skill of self-advocacy, so please allow your child the opportunity to take the steps necessary to get the issue solved on their own.

My child is sick, I am not sure if he/she should stay home or go to school?

When is your child too sick to attend school? Please read the information on the following link to make an informed decision on whether your child should stay home, or not. If while at school, your child is determined to have any of the symptoms described in this list, you will be called and asked to pick up your child from school.

When is your child too sick to attend school?

How do I go about updating my family's contact information at school?

Please contact our Registrar. Name changes will require that you visit the school and make the changes in person. Address changes require that you fill out a Residency Verification Form and provide two acceptable address verification documents.

Changing your email address

Parent must come in person and show picture ID to the registrar.

  • Changes may not be done over the phone or by email.
  • A parent may change their spouse's personal email address in our system, provided the spouse is already listed as part of the same household.
  • We can only enter one email address per guardian.

Changing your street address

Parent must present two address verification documents to the registrar, and fill out a Residency Verification Form.

  • Documents must show parent or guardian name and address.
  • Documents acceptable for verification: Recent Water/Sewer/Gas/Electricity/Waste bill, Mortgage Statement, Sale Agreement, Lease Agreement, IRS Correspondence, Good-To-Go bill, USPS change of address, renter's insurance, government correspondence.
  • Utility bills must be dated within 60 days prior to student's first day of school.
  • Documents not acceptable for verification: Past due bills, cable bills, phone bills, internet bills, driver's licenses, bank statements.
  • Post Office box numbers are not acceptable as primary residence address.
  • If the new address places your student outside the Rose Hill Middle School area, your student will need to enroll in the school that corresponds to your new address. Alternatively, you can fill out a variance form to request continued attendance to this school. The school may accept or deny this request.

Changing your student's legal name

Parent must present an original, legal identity document, such as a birth certificate, passport, or name change court order. The school will make a copy and return the original document to you.

Changing your phone number(s)

Parent can contact the school at 425.936.2460, or email the updates to our Registrar.

Please let us know:

  • Type of phone number (Home, Work, Mobile)
  • If you would like this phone number to be your new primary phone number. The primary phone number is the first phone number we use to call in case we need to get in touch with your family. There is only one primary phone number per family.

Changing, or adding to your student's emergency contacts

Please contact the Counseling Office at 425.936.2460 or email the updates to our Registrar.

Please note:

  • The school will not release your child to any person not listed in your student's emergency contacts list.
  • In case of an emergency, in the event the school is unable to contact the parent or guardian, the school will contact, and may release your child to the people listed as your student's emergency contact.

What is my child's bus route?

School & Bus Finder

If your student is eligible for transportation, you will receive a postcard in the mail each year, before school begins, listing the bus information for your student(s). This postcard contains the route number; bus stop location; and time of pick up and drop off. If you did not receive a postcard or would like to confirm the information, you can look it up online, by using the above link. Parents will be contacted by the driver with route information for special needs students.

The school bus is late! Who should I call?

If you have a question about a bus stop, contact the Transportation Department at 425-936-1120 or BusRoutes@lwsd.org. Calls and emails are answered in the order in which they are received. The Transportation Department receives a high volume of calls at the beginning of the school year. We appreciate your patience as they respond as quickly as possible.

How can I set up automatic emails for missing assignments?

Parents and families can choose to receive automatic notification once each day about the existence of any assignments marked by a teacher as missing. Please follow the steps below to begin receiving these emails.

  1. Log in to Parent Access and then click the link titled [Family Access].
  2. Once inside your Family Access account, select the My Account tab, top right on the page.
  3. In My Account, select the checkbox at the bottom left of the page that enables email notification. It states, “Receive Grading Emails for my student(s).” Then SAVE.