Discipline Plan

Dear Parents and Guardians,

After many years of using a point-based Honor Level system, the staff at Rose Hill Middle School decided to change the building-wide discipline plan. We wanted to ensure discipline practices are consistent throughout the building and that the discipline system used is a teaching and learning experience for students. We surveyed teachers, staff members, parents and students about current discipline practices. A committee of teachers attended a conference and visited schools to see the implementation of a new building-wide discipline system. The RHMS staff developed this system using what they learned from others and our reflections of past practices at Rose Hill. We would like to take this opportunity to outline our building-wide discipline program.

At each intervention step, the intent is to assist the student in identifying the problem, to help the student understand what new behavior is necessary, and to encourage the student to accept accountability for his/her actions. As we studied other schools using this system, we were informed by teachers, students, administrators, staff members, and parents that the interventions cut down on classroom disruptions and provided all students with a positive atmosphere for learning.

Confiscation: Items considered inappropriate for school (MP3 players, personal stereos, lighters, matches, laser pointers, pocket knives, noise makers, etc.) will be taken away with appropriate consequences.

Processing (Ongoing in classrooms): Students with minor classroom disruptions have the opportunity to reflect on their actions and to return to class within minutes, proving that they can change their behavior. Students will be “processed” if they: are off-task, show poor sportsmanship, argue with teacher, display minor disruptive behavior (blurting out, strange noises, tapping pencils, etc..), show disrespect for students or staff, or refuse to work. Students who are processed will be quietly asked to go to a neighboring classroom to complete a reflection form and then return when it is complete. Parents will not be notified of processing unless it becomes a consistent problem.

Lunch Detention (during all lunches -30 minutes): Students will be assigned lunch detention for the following offenses: repeated processing: 2/day or 3/week, inappropriate language/gestures (not G-rated, use of slang), gum/food/drink in hallways and classrooms (does not include bottled water, medical necessities and special occasions), cell phones/iPods/Electronic devices seen or heard from 7:55 am to 2:30 pm, disruption to other classes, tardy to class, or dress code violations. Students will be escorted by a staff member to the lunch detention room. Students who purchase lunch will have a few healthy lunch options to choose from that they can get after checking in at the detention room. Those who bring lunch from home will report directly to lunch detention with their food. Students will remain seated and quiet the entire 30 minutes of lunch detention and reflect upon their behavior. Parents will not be notified if their student is serving lunch detention.

After-school detention (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, ending at 3:00 pm): After school detention will be assigned for the following offenses: 3 processes/day or 2 lunch detentions/week, copying homework, minor vandalism, out of assigned area during class time, misbehavior at lunch detention, continual behavior concerns, and for accumulated offenses. In order to assure that students attend, they will be escorted from their 6th period class to the detention room. During detention, students may work on homework or read, but they may not visit with others. Parents will be notified prior to their student serving after-school detention.

Office Referral: Students will be referred to the office to see an administrator for the following offenses: fighting, profanity, harassment/bullying, major vandalism (resulting in damage), major disruptions (out of control behavior), computer misuse, failed processing, willful disobedience, disrespect (especially to a guest or substitute), stealing, and cheating. Administrators will meet with students and decide the appropriate consequence using district guidelines. Parents will be notified when students are referred to the office.

We will be teaching the building-wide discipline program to all students during the first week of school. We encourage you to review the behavior expectations and discipline policy once school begins. We look forward to a successful year with your student.